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The G-Tools Framespreader® is a must have hand tool for any tradesman who sets door frames. Whether the door is steel, aluminum, or wood, it works on all standard size frames. Avoid time-consuming and costly mistakes with the fastest, most accurate door frame installation tool.

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The Framespreader Product Line

With material prices increasing, it is more important now than ever to set your frames correctly.

See our product line of high-quality frame setter tools made in the USA by tradesman for tradesmen.

The Framespreader Tool

The G-Tools Framespreader® was developed to be an accurate and speedy solution to an incredibly costly problem of improperly installed door frames. Learn why adding Framespreader to your toolkit will save you time, money and headaches for your door installation projects.

100% Locally Manufactured

G-Tools Framespreader is 100% Made by the
Hardworking Men and Women of Wisconsin.

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The Tool

The G Tools Framespreader® was developed to be an accurate and speedy solution to an incredibly costly problem of improperly installed door frames

The Tool

Our Warranty

G-Tools Framespreader stands behind the quality of our specialty frame setter tools. Every G-Tools Framespreader is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship.


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Keep Your Door Frame Installation Highly Accurate

G-Tools Framespreader® is the fastest, most accurate way to set door frames. Keep your door frame installation highly accurate to meet any inspection and code requirements.

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As a experienced journeyman carpenter I appreciate any tool that speeds up my production.  This line of frame spreaders does exactly that.  The speed and accuracy you can achieve with these tools is staggering.  It not only simplifies setting new door frames being metal or wood, it also works on recycled existing frames.  There is never a problem when the doors are hung while using this tool to set a frame.


I have been using these tools for several years now and they are absolutely essential to professionally install a door frame. It makes setting the frame square and true very easy. This is very important with the more stringent fire door building codes now.  The framespreader is well made and I recommend them to anyone who  sets frames.

Matt from WI

The care I have for the design of a clients Custom Home is important from start to finish. I now recommend that all door frames on my homes use the spreader tool for installation to save not only time and money, you also get the best results.

Matthew Heislen, All Carpenters should have this tool!

A simple note to thank you for introducing us to your frame spreader. The men like using it, and above all, we are not getting call backs for frames set incorrectly.

Mark Beres, Its a great tool.

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Dan Gibbs is a Union Carpenter of over 30 years as a union carpenter, whom is interested in solving construction problems one tool at a time. Framespreader frame setting tool is made by tradesman for tradesmen with a firm commitment to quality. Read our story.


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