Keep Your Door Frame Installation Highly Accurate

The G-Tools Framespreader should be used when setting any door frame. Its main function is to keep your door frame installation highly accurate. This is a must, especially now, when setting fire door frames per code. The frame needs to be set perfectly 1/8 inch gap or margin on the sides and head. Learn more about Fire Code inspection changes in guidelines. With framespreader, your doors will meet Fire Code, International Code and Commercial Building Code specification guidelines.


Save time, money and get the job completed accurately the first time. Framespreader is made in the USA by tradesman for tradesmen. We know you take pride in the quality of your work and so do we. Framespreader is the ideal door frame setter for any carpenters toolkit, hand-made of durable construction and built to last (2-year warranty).

Framespreader offers speed and ease in your door construction process. You can go from 24 inches to 40 inches or 42 inches to 72 inches in a matter of seconds. The tool has a built-in gauge if you’re using 5/8 inch drywall or double 5/8 inch drywall to center the frame on the stud.

With today’s labor rates you can’t afford to waste time trying to find and cut a piece of lumber. And at the end of the day, it’s not accurate. So you might have to redo your frame.

In addition to our standard throat sizes which is for 5 inches to 6 inches. We also offer custom throat sizes to fit 7″ to 8, 8″ to 9″, or 9″ to 10″ frames.

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See the G-Tools Door Frame Alignment Tool in action with real-life construction. Your frame setter tool that ensures proper fit for everything from home to commercial door installation: Installation in frame in block, hollow metal door frames, Installation of door frames in steel studs and drywall…all your door frame setting needs.

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