Framespreader Inventor and Founder

Dan Gibbs grew up in Dousman Wisconsin (population under 500) in the 1970’s. It was truly a slice of small town America. The unemployment rate in 1973 was 9% compared to 3.1% today. Many people were struggling, our friends and neighbors losing their homes and businesses. This is not something that a child can understand. I wanted to be able to help them.

As time went by I grew up, got married and fathered four wonderful daughters. I became a carpenter, not just any carpenter, but the best carpenter I could be. I found faster, easier, more accurate ways of doing things. That’s how I came to invent the Framespreader.

I couldn’t understand why we would be wasting time looking for a 2 x 4 to cut down and hold the dimension on a door frame. How is this not wasting time and money? How accurate could this be? There had to be a better way. The Framespreader was born.

Now, you may be wondering about my home town of Dousman (current population is up to 2,000). I was finally in a position to help them out. All our parts are manufactured in Dousman. All our printing is done in Dousman. And I am proud to say that I am able to give back to my home town. All the businesses, from the boxes we fill, to tool parts, to the anodizing are small businesses that employ 40 or fewer people.
We are a proud Wisconsin business, developing quality products made in the USA.

100% Locally Manufactured

G-Tools Framespreader is 100% Made by the
Hardworking Men and Women of Wisconsin.

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About G-Tools | Framespreader

It Is Said the Best Tools Are Born from Absolute Necessity

We have developed such a tool after over 30 years as union tradesmen. G Tools is comprised of working tradesmen actively developing products for use by other tradesmen.

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Framespreader Finish Carpentry Tool

We developed the G-Tools Framespreader with the goal of every tool…to enhance the workmanship of fellow craftsmen. The door frame setting tool to correctly align the margins on all your door installation projects, making you more efficient and more accurate in your craft. 30-years of experience, passion for the craft and desire to help others drove the development of Framespreader. Don’t just rely on our word…. Listen to what other carpenters have to say about Framespreader.

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Keep Your Door Frame Installation Highly Accurate.

G-Tools Framespreader® is the fastest, most accurate way to set door frames. Keep your door frame installation highly accurate to meet any inspection and code requirements.

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